Tree Trimming & Pruning
Trimming is done for a number of reasons. Canopy raising is the removal of lower branches which allows more sunlight to get to the grass andIMG_3429 makes your house more visible (which increases safety and curb appeal). Thinning is done to allow more sunlight to flow through the tree and also allows wind to flow through (which decreases the chances of your tree being damaged in a storm). Deadwood removal is done for the health of the tree and also for your safety. Selective branch removal is the removal of a certain branch that is causing you problems.

Tree Removal
We never like to remove a tree, but sometimes it’s necessary. We use extreme caution to ensure the complete safety of ourselves and your property. And, as with all of our jobs, all debris is hauled off to the beneficial reuse center in Plano, where it is recycled into mulch.

Tree Cabling & Bracing
Tree support systems are used to provide structural support to weak trees to reduce the possibility of failure from storm damage. All support systems should be inspected annually.

Stump Grinding
Stumps are unsightly and can cause damage to your mower and yourself. We can remove stumps of any size and our grinder is small enough to fit in tight spaces and in your backyard.

Storm Damage Clean-up
Storms can cause serious damage to your property by fallen or damaged trees. We will respond to the scene, assess the situation, then quicklystump_grinding and safely remove the tree or limbs that were also destroyed by the storm. For the health of your tree we will make corrective cuts to any part of the tree that remains. We offer 24 hour emergency service.

Fully Insured For Your Protection

24 Hour Emergency Service:
(214) 620-8082